Videography + Editing / Production

I’ve written, filmed and produced several very different videos. With a goal to produce natural history films, I take a real joy in these productions.

Recently, I won a New Columbo Plan scholarship which took me to Jaipur, India where I  produced a short documentary film that considered the impacts of urbanisation and the remarkable ways that animals adapt to survive in a man-made world.

Because of this film, I was selected by the Griffith Film School as one of five filmmakers to compete in the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers (WCSFP) Science Film Sprint.

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My investigative pieces on the global seafood supply chain and some of the restrictions on transgender citizens in Australia sit right next to news pieces on the outrage over the new Arnott’s Shapes biscuits and three koala joeys stolen from their carer and a foreign correspondent’s piece in Jaipur, India about their ‘green revolution’.

The longer form Essays and Reflections dive into primary literature with “Hacking the Platform” produced in audio form to accompany the Media and Society (COMU1120) undergraduate course at UQ.

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