Videography + Editing / Production

I’ve written, filmed and produced several very different videos. With a goal to produce natural history films, I take a real joy in these productions.

In September 2017, I accepted a casual Videographer role with the University of Queensland and co-wrote, filmed and produced a series of 13 videos each about 15 mins in length that now accompany a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate course they offer.

More recently, I worked with Peter Greste and ABC 7.30 Report producer, Amy Donaldson on a three-part documentary series about the Great Barrier Reef.

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My investigative pieces on the global seafood supply chain and some of the restrictions on transgender citizens in Australia sit right next to news pieces on the outrage over the new Arnotts Shapes biscuits and three koala joeys stolen from their carer.

The longer form Essays and Reflections dive into primary literature with “Hacking the Platform” produced in audio form to accompany the Media and Society undergraduate course at UQ.

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