Let me into the Lab

The idea to create this podcast was born from a shared passion in both science and communication. Each week my colleagues and I discussed three things in science that had got us thinking.

We would each bring individually researched topics to the studio which we discussed in an unscripted environment. This unscripted approach to discussion allowed us to capture our genuine response and engage in a more meaningful conversation.

The episodes we produced cover a broad range of topics, from artificial wombs to cancer treatment, from facial recognition in marine animals to VR in mental health care.  Some episodes saw us discussing some really weird and wonderful species, from parasites and parasitoids to my personal favourites, the gastric-brooding frog and the Rhincondon Typus, the almighty Whale Shark.

Our aim was to inform and entertain, to spark the curiosity of our audience. We wanted to take the research off the shelf and present it in a way that our listeners could engage with and enjoy it.

I give sincere thanks and credit to my colleagues Rose Richani and Holly Richardson, who were a joy to collaborate with.

Head over to our Soundcloud or YouTube for a full list of episodes, or read more in UQ Small Change

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