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#SciComm for Social Impact

Hello ! My name is Kirsten. I’m a science communicator and filmmaker on a mission.

A portrait photo of the campaign creator, Kirsten Slemint

#SciComm for Social Impact is all about increasing public confidence, access and scientific literacy, by connecting people with the world of science. In pursuit of that, I am campaigning for a once in a lifetime Masters degree opportunity.

But I can’t do it without you – my village!

I have been offered a place in the Masters in Directing and Producing Science and Natural History program at the prestigious National Film and Television School in the UK.

Why this course? Well…

  • The program is unrivalled, and the school was voted ‘Best in the World’
  • Less than 3% of applicants are accepted
  • 97% of big-budget films in the UK (2015-19) involved NFTS alumni
  • The 2019 alumni all secured employment within two months of graduating

But I’m also humbled to find out:

This course has never had an Australian graduate !

However, there is a financial hurdle to overcome first.

I have applied for every scholarship, grant or award I can find, both in Australia and abroad. I’ve spoken to government, industry, philanthropists, and community members. Heck –  I even applied for Australian Survivor and The Amazing Race haha.

The decision to crowdfund was a difficult one, but there is no way I can do this without your help.

To have received an offer is an incredible honour, but I now need to fight for our seat at that table.

Not just for me, but for our community, and for all who come after me.

A series of three photos. One shows a grey-headed flying fox, the next shows a satin bowerbird, and the last shows a green sea turtle

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