My investigative pieces on the global seafood supply chain and some of the restrictions on transgender citizens in Australia sit right next to news pieces on the outrage over the new Arnotts Shapes biscuits and three koala joeys stolen from their carer.

The longer form Essays and Reflections dive into primary literature with “Hacking the Platform” produced in audio form to accompany the Media and Society undergraduate course at UQ.


I spent several weeks working with Peter Greste and ABC producer Amy Donaldson on a three-part documentary series about The Great Barrier Reef.

My role was to provide a timeline of events from the inception of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in 1975 to present, along with comprehensive research in the form of a “Fact File” that informed not only the documentary itself but the ABC online pieces that accompanied it.

I spent three days in ABC Ultimo Studios working alongside the producer, Amy Donaldson, the 7.30 team and Peter Greste as the episodes went to air. I worked not only on fact-checking but also scripting and in the editing suite.

This experience allowed me to harness my experience as a scientist, a writer, and as an investigator. I am incredibly proud to have worked on this series and congratulate Amy, Peter, and the 7.30 team.

In 2017, I interned with the Brisbane Times to write a live blog covering the World Science Festival events in Southbank. A rare opportunity for me to combine my love of both science and communication.

Blog Day 2
Blog Day 3
Blog Day 4
Blog Day 5

My story about the winners of the Queensland Women in STEM award was published on the Brisbane Times and Sydney Morning Herald websites which was a real honour.

The story of how the next part came to fruition is one best told in person so I will reserve it for that occasion but in short, I ‘muscled’ my way into meeting and interviewing Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, who was taken by me and my interest in science communication.

He gave me his business card and invited me to spend the day with him at ABC headquarters in Sydney.


I extended the invite to my colleague Jenna and a few short weeks later we flew to Sydney and spent the day with Dr Karl learning the ins and outs of radio broadcasting at the ABC.

News / Investigative – Undergraduate assessment

Why is it so hard to ‘eat local’ when it comes to seafood?

“Next time you are browsing the seafood section of your local supermarket, take a minute to think about this: more than 70% of seafood consumed in Australia, is imported.”

Search for three missing koala orphans continues in Brisbane

“Time is of the essence for three orphaned koala joeys stolen from the home of an RSPCA wildlife carer early last Friday.”

Original Shapes for sale on eBay after new recipe backlash

“The iconic Shapes biscuits have been a staple in the Australian pantry for more than 150 years and it seems everyone has something to say about the new flavour range.”

World Science Festival showcases Brisbane’s appetite for science

“Earlier this year Brisbane opened its doors to some of the greatest minds in science, inviting its resident’s to indulge in the renowned World Science Festival.”

Identifying me

“Mum and Dad have told me that it’s wrong [to wear female clothing] and I’ve been in trouble for it before. You’re smart enough by that point to realise that being different is difficult. If you’re different, you’ll be excluded.”

Essay / Reflection – Undergraduate assessment

Hacking the Platform

This script critically analyses my media use, namely, my hacking of a platform to watch documentary films. This piece was later produced in audio form (included) and now accompanies the Media and Society (COMU1120) undergraduate course in the Bachelor of Journalism/Communication program at The University of Queensland.

Hegemony, Power and Representation – The day the Internet went dark

“On the 18th of January 2012 hundreds of sites including Wikipedia, Reddit and BoingBoing took part in the ‘first internet strike’ to oppose the SOPA/PIPA legislation. While Google’s landing page remained operable, it offered a link to its “End piracy, not liberty” petition page. The protest was a mock  censoring to demonstrate to users what the internet would look like should the bill be passed”

What is ‘good quality’ journalism and what is its role in society?

“The role of the media is absolutely central to what we see and think of the world around us. It is not a ‘window to the world’ but instead tells us stories that we use to comprehend both ourselves and the world around us. Our life is lived in, rather than with, media – we are living a media life (Deuze, 2011).”

Media Design – Undergraduate assessment

Change the date

“This project attempts to develop the idea of putting new ‘meaning’ into Australia Day. To affect a change in culture, attitudes and ultimately improve the willingness of the broader population to accept a change in date.”