Videography + Editing / Production

I’ve written, filmed and produced several very different videos. With a goal to produce natural history films, I take a real joy in these productions.

In September 2017, I accepted a casual Videographer role with the University of Queensland and co-wrote, filmed and produced a series of 13 videos each about 15 mins in length that now accompany a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate course they offer.

More recently, I worked with Peter Greste and ABC 7.30 Report producer, Amy Donaldson on a three-part documentary series about the Great Barrier Reef.

My role on “The Reef” project was initially to provide a timeline of events from the inception of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in 1975 to present, along with comprehensive research in the form of a “Fact File” that informed not only the documentary itself but the ABC online pieces that accompanied it.

I spent three days in ABC Ultimo Studios working alongside the producer, Amy Donaldson, the 7.30 team and Peter Greste as the episodes went to air. I worked not only on fact-checking but also scripting and in the editing suite.

This experience allowed me to harness my experience as a scientist, a writer, and as an investigator. I am incredibly proud to have worked on this series and congratulate Amy, Peter, and the 7.30 team.

This series was co-written, filmed and produced by Kirsten Slemint as Videographer for the Humanities and Social Sciences school at The University of Queensland to accompany the Perspectives: Practices, Cultures and Creative Communication (HUMN1500) undergraduate course in the Bachelor of Arts program.

In total, 27 academics were interviewed producing near 30 hours of raw footage. This was broken down into 13 different videos to compliment each of the 13 topics throughout the course.

Centre for Marine Science at UQ

The following were produced for the Centre for Marine Science at The University of Queensland and published on the Facebook page I manage for them.

Selection of Undergraduate Assessment Items

Note: Protest against compulsory childhood vaccination (NJPN) – Written & Produced by Katy Holland. Filmed by Kirsten Slemint