Scientific Reports

I feel extremely privileged to have been exposed to such a broad range of scientific research techniques and fields of study throughout my degree.

I have a wealth of experience in identifying species and have co-led research projects both in the lab and in the field.

Scientific Reports

For Outback Ecology, we studied the semi-arid region of Idalia National Park and investigated the effectiveness of water remoteness in “Does artificial water point closure lead to decreases in grazing pressure in arid and semi-arid zones?

I have written comprehensive species descriptions on Basidiomycota and Ascomycota, Lichen and more!

I co-led comprehensive research into the role of ultraviolet reflectance in male to male aggression in Uca coarctata fiddler crabs.

As part of this, my colleagues and I wrote a Research Proposal. Upon conclusion of the study, I created a Poster and discussion piece to analyse and interpret our results.

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As part of our Marine Science course, I wrote “Does varying tidal sequence, hydroperiod and physiological adaptations of propagules effect zonation of mangrove species in the intertidal zone?“, a thorough introduction that attempts to develop a rationale for a study into the zonation of mangrove species.

The practical component of this same course took us to the UQ Moreton Bay Research Station where I co-led research into the “Influence of chemically mediated predator perception on the foraging behaviour of Conuber sordidus (Gastropoda: Naticidae)”

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With an interest in how organisms adapt to extreme environments, my colleagues and I wrote “Adaptations of the Oldman Saltbush to arid and saline environments” and created a powerpoint presentation to accompany it.

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In Ecology, we wrote two abstracts based on the research we were conducting in the lab:

Oviposition preference of Plutella xylostella in response to simulated herbivory on Brassica oleracea


Influence of priority effects and environmental filters on the assembly of microbial communities in aquatic environments

As a critical assessment of research by Willoughby et al., (2014), I wrote, “Genetic diversity in captive breeding” that aimed to communicate scientific concepts to a non-expert audience.

As a personal response to the ABC Science Show program “Where memory resides”, I wrote, “Is the future for neuroscience in engineering memories?“.

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